CREATING AND facilitating CHINESE inbound and outbound investment.

assistING Chinese strategic investors TO INVEST into well performing companies throughout the world.

The funds we represent have a highly constructive model of strategic investment: win-win partnerships between International groups developing their presence in the high-growth Chinese market and Chinese corporations expanding overseas and looking to find synergies with foreign partners.

We have access to a very wide variety of sectors, technologies, global brands and distribution channels and are capable of securing large scale investments from Chinese State Owned Enterprises, major private corporations and high net worth individuals.

We advise on and provide deals in the following sectors :

  • real estate (commercial, residential, hotels and resorts)
  • finance
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • construction and leasing
  • international trade and transportation
  • vineyards, wineries and luxury brands
  • commodities and mining
  • service sectors (including media, healthcare and tourism)



Chinese co-investors can accelerate your company growth in China and provide access to the huge potential of this dynamic and expanding market.

Floc'h International allows International firms to capture and benefit from the exceptional growth story in China by :

  • providing an intimate knowledge of local business practices and cultural differences
  • helping to bridge the gap between the Chinese partner and the foreign group
  • facilitating long-term strategic funding and providing potential access to Chinese bank financing for certain projects



These pillars are key to our approach. 

Mr Floc’h is personally involved in all projects we take on and looks forward to discussing further with you in order to fully understand your business and your needs.